About us

Simeon Florov  (Mony):   manager; guide


  I  had dreamed for riding around the world ever since i first got on bike ,a bike wich i stole from my grandpa.even tough my  first minutes on two wheels ended with bike sized hole in the neighbour's fence,at the age of 12,but that's another story.I bouhgt my first motorbike in 1991,since then every year i try to go somewhere interesting on the bike still dreaming to go around the world.
The first big trip i did in 2004-sofia-barcelona-through Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France  self arranged.
In 2006 off-road motorbike trip arranged by Fredlink adventure motorbike company through Kenya and Tanzania.
In 2007 off/on road motorbike trip arranged by Perumotors-adventure motorbike company through Peru.
In 2008 August on road trip arranged by GS-adventures motorbike company through South Africa, Botswana,part of Namibia,part of Zimbabwe and back to  South Africa.
In 2008 September on/off road middle east trip Bulgaria ,Turkey,Syria,Jordan,Israel,Greece,Bulgaria-self arranged.
In 2009 June/July Sofia to Nord Kapp ,through Serbia,Slovenia,Austria,Germany,Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and back to Bulgaria-self arranged.
In 2009 September/October Tibet overland motorbike trip start/end in Chengdu -China,via Everest base Camp,organized by Asia Bike tours adventure motorbike company.
2010 June/July/August - Sofia-Cape Town via Turkey,Syria,Jordan,Egypt,Sudan,Ethiopia,Kenya,Tanzania,Malawi,Zambia,Botswana,Namibia,South Africa,fly back to Athens-Greece and finally ending in Sofia-Bulgaria - self arranged.

Georgy Donechky  (Jorro):   co-owner; instructor BOA Offroad Moto school; guide


  I was brought up in a family of motocross racers and was breast-fed gas.
When I mounted a motorcycle for the first time my legs would not reach to the ground, which made starting and stopping a bit of a problem. That passion in my young ages brought me some breakdowns, but that made me more ambicious and I started to train hard.  My desire to challenge myself with new things, to experiment with my techique, to dare myself and to set imposible goals helped me a lot during the years. I improved my technique and now I have another look when I get on bike. So the years past by and I keep improving my technique and riding skills. Riding through hard terrains, steap slopes, big jumps and other hard enduro elements became part of my daily living. It's a great pleasure to feel your improvement day by day through the years, but it's obligation too. I started to feel more confident to teach kids and begginers offroad riders. It's a great pleasure to be able to improve the riding technique of someone who's not familiar with offroad bikes.
Apart from my obsession of driving motorcycles and 4x4s off road, I am a great fan of road travel by motorcycle.
As you might expect, like every other motorcyclist, I'm a adventurer. I love the nature and it's beauty.
I have traveled thousands of miles on motorcycle - both on and off road. All this experience that I've had through the years helps me a lot when I had to choose the righ path and tour for our clients

Boyko Terziev : co-owner, support, guide

 The passion of bikes started in the 1981 year, when my dad took me to a motorcycle race on asphalt. I clearly remember how I was looking all of the competitors - for me they were from another planet. 10 years later I started my first bike trip - 250km for almost 4 days, two major repairs, flat tire, but happy all the time. No mater how many bikes I've changed all over the years and despite the thousands kilometres behind me, I'll never forget this first "epic" journey, because it's remembered always, like the first love.

Later on started the another passion of travelling so I organized the next more interesting tours:

2007 - Travel to Romania.

2008 /april/ -All around Greece, self guidet tour, group of three bikes

2008 /september/ - Travel to Turkey, selfguidet tour, me and my wife

2009 /april-may/ -Travel to Middle East - Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and back through Turkey to Bulgaria, self guidet tour, group of five bikes

2009 /june/ - All around Macedonia, self arranged tour, two bikes

2009  /july/ - Travel to the Balkans - Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, self arranged tour, group of four bikes.

2009 /the begining of august/ - Travel to Romania in Carphatian mountains, self guided tour, two bikes

2009 /August/ -All around Alps - Bulgaria-Serbia-Croatia-Slovenia-Austria-Switzerland-Italy-Slovenia-Croatia-Serbia-Bulgaria, self arranged tour with my wife.

2010 June/July/August - Sofia-Cape Town via Turkey,Syria,Jordan,Egypt,Sudan,Ethiopia,Kenya,Tanzania,Malawi,Zambia,Botswana,Namibia,South Africa,fly back to Athens-Greece and finally ending in Sofia-Bulgaria - self arranged tour. 

Don Siewert:   North American representative for B.O.A. & guide


     I live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. I was first introduced to motorcycling on a Honda

55 cc step through at the tender age of 10 way back in 1966. Now you know how old I am. Since that

time motorcycling has been in my blood. During the first 15 years of riding I stayed off-road and even

competed in a few motocross races. In 1981 I bought my first street motorcycle, a Honda CB550K. My

mother was not pleased, she thought street riding was far too dangerous. There was the time I told

my mother I would not get a street bike, now I have 7 motorcycles in the garage; 6 are street legal. I

suppose I fibbed a little.

     In 1993 my wife Joni and I went on our first international motorcycle adventure visiting England and

Scotland (learning to ride on the left side of the road) and France. When I planned this trip I thought it

would be the trip of a lifetime never to be repeated, was I ever wrong! I was fascinated by the different

cultures, art and history to which I was introduced. I had to have more.

     You could say that I am addicted to International motorcycle travel. Now 20 years after my first

international trip I have been out of the country about 17 times on motorcycling adventures. I have

visited most of Europe, been to Canada, Baja Mexico on two 3,500 mile off-road rides, Australia and

even India, 29 countries in all, all by motorcycle. I cannot imagine a time when I do not have another

International motorcycle adventure planned, on or off-road. There is so much of this beautiful world to

explore. My ultimate dream ride is an around the world trip, someday…

     I am excited to be part of the Balkans Orange Adventures team. You will love the Balkans region with all

of its natural beauty and history. I look forward to meeting you.