Riding in Stara Planina mountainback

After my flight wit paraglider I decided to visit Mony and went to the beautifull Stara Planina. The idea was to have some offroad riding, and although that the day was perfect and we had a great time, we had a bad luck...

The ballance was -lost GPS, broken camera display, lost exhaust bracket, and misteriously the upper part of the headlight mask had dissapeared .


First brake..



  Where is the GPS??? The lack of it is noticed, but the area of losing it is approximatly 10 km so we started to search...but we had no luck

  We stopped at the edge of a cliff and Mony told me about his friend, who didn't noticed the cliff....

  "He is coming that way, I'm waving him to stop, but he passed me like a roadsign"
After 40 metres of freefal...the bike has stopped...the verdict of the nature was only a broken hand


Near Parschevitza diary we discovered that my exhaust is swinging freely

After a short briefing Mony decided to get some spare parts from the near sheep pens

  Meanwhile I was making tests - Can you light a cigar from the exhaust pipe's - Yes, you can
Mony is coming back

Very strangely but there was no spare parts at the sheep pens, but Mony has bringed some piece of wire and we start redesigning the mounting bracket

Everything was perfect, so we went to the next place with magnificent view

The riding was superb and we're going to repeat it some day