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After 21 hours flight  from Sofia, Madrid, Caracas, we arrived in Lima, Peru in a nice hostel with everything you need it for an intermediate station (a few hours sleep) and 13.00 re-flight ( now my pall of planes) to Arequipa (1000 kilometers in the south).

Arequipa airport and Misti volcano
In meeting at  Arequipa airport, our host (Dutch), kindly informed us that the other 8 participants in Machu Picchu Express are from Croatia.From here onwards began just FUN.
One of the Croats (Rudy) is nearer to me and presented in English, while behind me I hear:
"Pas zashto prichash englezki, prichay h'rvatski sve sme  Balkanci"and then of course in hotel ice servezza" Arequipen'a "to" welcome "Zdravko Zorman (Papa Noel, Santa Claus in Spanish, will find themselves Why?), Davor Plisho (Dr. Rodriguez), Rudolf Pechnikar (Ducati men), Zvonko Nogolitsa Ivan, Dennis , Boris and Zoran  and me with my wife.
Today (29/03/07) was for acclimatization and treatment of Arequipa (city in colonial style), with small and narrow streets and a large main square (Plazza De Armas), clean streets everywhere and very well arranged, with young graduates squares naturally with great cafes and locals.
"Holy Week" (Catholic and Orthodox Easter coincided) and everywhere in the streets and squares were celebrations.
After visiting the monastery of Santa Catalina and the Cathedral of Arequipa walk ended in Argentine barbecue restaurant with a fabulous course, Argentine beef and red wines from  Mendozza, and also from Chille.
The next morning I had to start around 10am. But for Croats it not important, coffee, breakfast, followed the songs to the accompaniment of a guitar course (about 1 hour) and custom-old Croat can not be leave without load fuel "-a cocktail of freshly squeezed lemon juice, vodka, and some local liykor grapefruit juice, the total amount of natural alcohol and hardly had 50 grams. but that's all people ..." traditions. "In general, the start of the trip was hopeful but do not you tell poor Dutchmen, how were glassy looking ... and did not believe what is happening !!!!!..... 
Our bikes were distributed, I've ordered XR650L (decent condition, but lame compared to R-version), Papa Noel-Kawa KLR-650 (only 1000 miles), Ivan XR400R (very new, I think model 2003) and that we and the people who were riding in black, all others were with 1 odd for me model Honda NX 450 Falcon, a model that I at least here in Europe I've ever seen (please, if I am wrong correct me) and no experience riding in a dirt roads, but did not care about noon .. have successfully started from Arequipa (altitude 2.380) at a temperature of about 27 Celsius with direction Colca Canyon (the second deepest canyon in the world ), having previously had to be climbed to altitude 4.900  before they descend to the canion.By the exit from Arequipa, we found that Ivan has somewhere missed the route.Lars  went to find him .Lars and Ivan came after little more than again problem-XR400R, as you know is only with kick start which make him crazy at the intersections ....., came and asked me to exchanged their bikes, sure ...we did it.
 We  rode until we reached about altitude 3.500 . But here the temperature dropped ,rain was coming significantly and we stopped to a restaurant for tea, after about 2 hours ride.

Tea has all but attraction is tea, coca leaves (must be drunk because of altitude sickness), with a strange taste.We warned us that we must drinl 1l. water in every subsequent 1000m.altitude. Papa Noel began to with  liters SERVEZZA...;-)

The next stop was at a height of altitude 4.882 . Where there is snow was falling, cold and even a few meters walking away doing the "little need" they make you gasp (at least me), and the feeling was strange because everywhere around you small stones arranged in a strange manner and forms.

snow ........

We explained that this is done to chase away evil sili.The down hill was far more pleasant, as temperature was gone up, the snow turned into rain, but still heavy.In about an hour and a half (it was already late afternoon) we found ourselves at a village that already and do not remember his name, which is the official gate of Colca Canion at altitude 3,200.
Till now all been easy, despite the snow, rain, cold and finally, the entire distance was covered on asfalt.From here to Colca Lodge was still a 20-km, but the slope was about 900m deep on a dirt road, which in the pouring rain in places was 30/40cm tracks from a bombarded areas of landslides.The incident certainly happened with Davor (Dr. Rodriguez) Shortly before the Lodge, on the last bend in the track and fell over the fallen bike, it had nothing, but here his name came to Dr. Rodriguez ..... Colca-Lodge again what was great with separate restaurant and lobby bar, a guest bungalow as separate modules. Right next to the river, which passes under the Lodge, had mineral water springs with 38.5 Celsius and quite naturally 2 pools created by nature, man-it is only surrounded by guests.
Program for the evening included a folklore program (great) and dinner.We had to sleep early because the next day I had to get up at 05.30, on bikes and into the canyon to watch the flight of the Condor.We had breakfast, coffee, etc. and get to the point of observation, already had small cloud and never saw Condor.

How-Canyon in the distance .... clouds that prevented Condor

From that point we rode our bikes only in dirt roads( 80 kilometers round trip), but the return we stopped in the village which we had arrived at the day before.I've been amazed how clean and tidy ... it was  ......

on the way back to these village children sold souvenirs

Busy day ahead, just 270 kilometers to the dirt roads we arrived to the town of Espinar,about 100 km before Cuzco (ex-capital of the Incas).Picturesque and beautiful places all the way.

Welcome to village Espinar which in our understanding and meet criteria such as midsize town of 4.400 altitude,where we had a coffee break, after we had passed around 200 km, but after less than an hour would be darkness.More of the participants were crushed by the group to which they took a unanimous decision to order security overnight here.There we found the only one"hotel" right on the main square-Plazza De Armas-clean and tidy.Dinner in a Balkans style...right?
Morning in the hotel "there was no water -they let her go around 8 a.m., but in tight column about 09.30ch.,after the breakfast we left this pretty cool" village ".
Travel through gorges and up-and downwards and again and again (incredible view) until we reached the Holy Valley of the Incas, Urubamba River and Garner.

this type of wheat is much higher protein content

Although the slopes of the Andes are very steep, terraced everywhere and everything was cultivated as a farm places.After brief pause and another 30 km we just arrived in Cuzco firewalls-old Inca capital.

Mysticism, mysticism , this is the only thing I can say.Unbelivebble how stone blocks, some of them 300 tons each, were transported, built without mortar, between them so that you can not slide a credit card between them.

Papa Noel and I
Cuzco has a population of around 600.000 inhabitants at an altitude of3.450 . Very scenic and natural one, or perhaps turistic most important city in Peru.

Cuzco-look from the Inca walls
From here starts only train that goes to Machu Picchu, and almost all the time traveled along the Urubamba.
Under the program we had 2 nights in a hostel, which is mostly used by riders.
It day was full of Machu Picchu

Machu-Picchu-2.420-m.above sea level,moisture and heat from here actually begins Peruvian jungle

at the bottom of the picture the train coming from Cuzco

The next day the old part of Cusco and the official game of the Copa Libertadores 'between the local "Siensiano and Boca Juniors'-Argentina

chance meeting with players of Boca Juniors' to their hotel

Part of the history of Peru, Cuzco

The victory of Siensiano with 3:0 in the evening with her lawn area, but with Balkan flavor in one of the many locales of the city.

Unfortunately leaving Cuzco and direction town of Puno was lying on the shore of the highest lake in the world floating-Titicaca.The road was nice, I felt the whole time that we riding hardly at the top of the world, we somehow surrounded by peaks, but they stood less of us do not know can and visual deception is that feeling.
Lake Titicaca:

Next mysticism! People who live within the lake itself, separate islands of cattail and reed have Mongoloid features, very untypical for the surrounding Indians.
A dialect of the Incas and the tribe inhabiting the islands TITI-mean-Puma and Kaka - stone, ie cougar stepped on a stone .... something that can be seen only by the space.
The last of the rounds was about 350/400km from Puno to Arequipa 100 kilometers of which mild dirt road which Papa Noel fell  and broke his teeth and put them in the last 300 kilometers into the car with Geert and my wife.My wife said "it was too funny with Papa Noel talking".

one of the many souvenir vendors between Puno and Arequipa

Recent km's to Arequipa, in the background Misti volcano
Arequipa and same dayfarewell dinner. Next day was a great day and we divide by the Croats, who went to the southern part of the Atacama Desert next to the border with Chile on a resort and my wife we continue to plateau "Nazca." Night was till dawn.
Bye Croatia, we were very sorry but .......
Nazca ...... ..... another mystery lines resemble some of the airport, various pieces of kit, monkey hands, wood, etc., I guess you've seen them .....

route by which the airplane flew over the plateau and the lines

tree, arms and upper part of the picture Pan-American Highway crosses through the Atacama

monkey, although within a radius of 1000 kilometers, monkeys ..... this is not the Atacama

This is a very small part of Peru ...... maybe we should still ...... .... very much to see from this wonderful country and most people already in.

Thanks for the adventure: