Just like in the movies (well, almost) to the Cape of Good Hopeback

It would hardly come as a surprise to anyone that 10 months later I still want to experience what I experienced back then. The preparation, the departure, sinking into rhythm, the thrill, the unknown (and some of the known), slipping into timelessness… phhhhhhhh, it is very nice… no, not just very nice… ! There are no words such as hyper, mega, ultra, etc. that can describe it – you simply have to experience it.

I would like to THANK Offroad-Bulgaria.com and all the members of the forum who “took the trip” with us and supported us along the way. Special THANX to Venci Petrov for that special gadget for water purification (I keep on forgetting how it is called), to CHINELA for the malaria vaccines, to Vasko for the “Spot Tracker”, to Super Dimo for the appliances, to Scortel company for the satellite phone Iridium, to Mr. Roshanov for the moto socks, to MaxMedia for the amazing movie and to all of our friends and colleagues who took our calls and helped with coordination.

In these 35 minutes we tried to recreate a slightly livelier image of what happened. At times it was difficult, at times it was comic, at times it was even nerve-wracking but, above all, it was our way to fulfill our dream.

Please download the file, pour yourself a large cup of coffee and enjoy this virtual trip with use but don’t take it seriously… just like we did… jokingly... and the best part was that neither I, nor Boyko took it seriously. Enjoy the movie!!!

Download the HD version – 3.5 GM MPEG

Download the regular resolution version – 1 GB MPEG

Right click and save the desired version to your computer.