Terms & reservations

Terms and reservations of BOA moto tour:


Reservations are to be placed not later than 8 weeks before the start of the tour. See our calendar .

Reservation is valid after payment of 15% deposit, at least 8 weeks before departure date.

Full payment is due 6 weeks before departure date.

 Cancellation the tour by BOA - 100% refund.

 Cancellation by customer:

              - Cancellation not later than 4 weeks from departure date - 90% refund.

              - Cancellation between day 28 and day 14 before departure date - 50% refund.

              - Cancellations made later than 2 weeks before departure date - no refund available.

 Every participant of a Tour operated by Balkans Orange Adventures is required to accept and sign a release and waiver form of rights before the tour start. Balkans Orange Adventures can not accept any tour-participant without a signed release and waiver form - under the Responsibility section.